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What's New???

Mike Sullivan & I recorded a webinar for instructors preparing to teach their first Intro Stats course, as well as instructors preparing to teach students who lack the traditional prerequisite courses: YouTube Video

My latest talk at CMC3 on Statistics: Then and Now - discussing ways to make Intro Stats into a modern course that will help students to truly learn and understand in this era of Co-Req Support classes and AB705.

Welcome To My Website!

Your Home For Math & Statistics

georgeMy name is George Woodbury.

I am starting my 25th(!) year as a math instructor at College of the Sequoias in Visalia, CA.

I'm also the author of a series of algebra textbooks for Pearson Education, in addition to coauthoring Interactive Statistics with Michael Sullivan.

My professional interests focus on the effective incorporation of technology into math courses, student motivation, the flipped classroom, and collaborating with other instructors all over the country.

Site Contents

On this site you can find ...

  • Links to my blogs
    Blogarithm - General Math
    StatBlog - Statistics
    uCLID - Euclid's Elements
  • Articles on incorporating MyLab into your classes
  • Course ID's for MyLab courses I created
  • Articles on student skills (like growth mindset)
  • Technology advice
  • Copies of my presentations
  • Handouts for your classes
  • Videos from my YouTube channel

Flipping Introductory Statistics

To see how I flipped my Statistics class in Fall 2017, Visit My StatBlog and view the "Day-by-Day" category, which is reverse chronological order.

I also documented how I originally flipped my Statistics class in Fall 2016, complete with a calendar and a list of in class activities and documents I used. Check it out here.


If you are in my online Statistics class, or you are an instructor who would like to check out the materials I use with my online students, you can find materials here: Statistics Materials

If you are a student looking for help, check out my YouTube channel

Need help with a problem? Tag me (@WoodburyMathHelp) in a photo on Instagram.

Most Recent Blogarithm Post

If your browser does not display the most recent article, click here to open my Blogarithm.

Most Recent StatBlog Post

If your browser does not display the most recent article, click here to open my StatBlog.

Most Recent Presentation

In March I gave the keynote address at NCMATYC, titled Statistics - Then and Now

Here is a link to the file I used: PowerPoint File

Upcoming Conferences

I will be speaking about Incorporating Mathematical Mindsets at the annual AMATYC conference this November.

My Classes - Fall 2018

This semester I am teaching the following courses:

  • Math 200 - Elementary Algebra
    (Short Term)
  • Math 230 - Intermediate Algebra
    (Short Term)
  • Math 21 - Introduction to Statistics
  • Math 21 - Introduction to Statistics
    (Online Class)

I am always happy to share materials and MyLab course ID's with other instructors, or just talk about what I am trying in my classes. You can reach out to me through the contact page.


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