Flipping Your Algebra and Statistics Classrooms (Session S148)

George Woodbury - College of the Sequoias

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Misconceptions about Flipped Learning

What IS Flipped Learning?

Benefits of Flipped Learning

How I Did It


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If you want to read more about my approach to flipping my statistics classroom, check out this page.

I have been writing a day-by-day blog about my experience with my flipped statistics classroom this semester, check out my Statblog.

Recommended Reading

Robert Talbert authored this outstanding guide to flipping the classroom for higher education faculty. I found this book by Derek Bruff on teaching with classroom response systems very helpful and I highly recommend it.

Recommended Viewing

This YouTube video covers Eric Mazur's Peer Instruction: This YouTube video is an abridged version of Eric Mazur's Confessions of a Converted Lecturer: