Day 51 – Mann-Whitney Test

Today we covered the Mann-Whitney test, which is a nonparametric alternative the two-mean T test. It can be used when either of the two samples has an outlier or comes from a population that is not normally distributed. The values Continue Reading

Day 50 – Two Mean Test

Day 50 – wow, that’s a big round number! Today we covered the two-mean T test from Section 11.3. Here is the fact sheet I used, along with three examples: Fact Sheet Two Mean F16 (Small typo, for a two-mean Continue Reading

Day 49 – Wilcoxon Signed Ranks Test

Today we learned about the Wilcoxon Signed Ranks Test, which is a nonparametric alternative to the paired difference test in Section 11.2. Here is the handout I used: Wilcoxon Signed Ranks_PDiff There are basic facts about the test on one side, Continue Reading

Day 48 – Paired Difference Test

Today we moved on to Section 11.2 – The Paired Difference Test. This is mot our first experience with this topic, as students did a bootstrapping project with mixed pairs earlier in the semester: Day 12 Bootstrapping Matched Pairs Pre-Class Continue Reading

Day 47 – Project 11

Today I am traveling to AMATYC, but I assigned my students this project to work on today in my absence: Project 11 It contains tests that are either one-proportion, two-proportion, or one-mean. Some of the problems have conditions that are Continue Reading

Day 46 – The Sign Test

Today we covered the sign test, which is a nonparametric test for a population median that we use as an alternative to the one-mean test when conditions (no outliers, normally distributed) are not met. Here is the handout we used: Continue Reading

Day 45 – One Mean Test

Today we covered the One-Mean Test (Section 10.3). Pre-Class Students completed the interactive reading assignment (IRA) for the section before class began. In-Class I gave the class a Fact Sheet for the One-Mean Test that also contained four in-class examples: Continue Reading

Day 44 – Proportions Mash Up

Today I gave Project 10 – one and two proportion tests & their alternatives: Project 10 There are 4 problems – two are one-proportion tests and two are two-proportion tests. For each type one of the tests fails the conditions, Continue Reading

Day 43 – Randomization Test for Two Proportions

Today we worked on an alternative test for the two proportion test when the conditions for that test are not satisfied. We used StatCrunch’s Randomization Test for Two Proportions. (We actually used this test during the second week of class Continue Reading

Day 42 – Two Proportion Test

Today we moved on to Section 11.1 – the Two Proportion test. Pre-Class Students completed an interactive review assignment for Section 11.1 before class. In-Class I distributed a “fact sheet” with a summary of important information for the Two Proportion Continue Reading