Day 23 – Counting Techniques

Today we finished Chapter 5 by covering counting techniques. We covered the multiplication principle, permutations, and combinations. Pre-Class Students completed the Interactive Reading Assignment for Section 5.5 before class began. In-Class I began by putting problems from two different worksheets Continue Reading

Day 22 – Conditional Probability

Today we covered Section 5.4. Pre-Class Students completed the interactive reading assignment for Section 5.4, which was due before class. In-Class Today was a group work day, supplemented with mini-lectures. Conditional probability can be difficult for students, so I thought Continue Reading

Day 21 – Multiplication

Today we worked on finding probabilities by multiplying. Pre-Class Before class students completed the interactive reading assignment for section 5.3. In-Class We began by working through a mixture of review problems, as well as a few new problems. I wanted Continue Reading

Day 20 – Welcome to Probability!

This week we will cover Chapter 5 (Probability). I have cut back on how much probability I cover, focusing mostly on ideas that appear later in the course. Although I love probability, this shift has allowed me to increase my Continue Reading

Week 5 Wrap Up

This week was a crucial week for my early inferential approach. On Monday, Day 16, students learned to use the randomization test for two means to start to learn how to determine whether a significant difference exists between two population Continue Reading

Day 19 – Linear Regression

Today we covered section 4.2 – linear regression. Pre-Class Students complete the interactive assignment for section 4.2. In-Class We began with a few examples, using data from the section 4.1 in class activity from Tuesday (Day 17). Here is the Continue Reading

Day 18 – Project/Hypothesis Test for r

After we learned to perform a hypothesis for the correlation coefficient r yesterday, students applied the process to data they collected themselves. The first set of data was city & highway MPG for 10 new cars. Students found a strong Continue Reading

Day 17 – Hypothesis Tests for r

Today is the day I formalized the language and process of hypothesis testing with my students, taking all that we have learned from simulation/randomization/bootstrapping and applying it to the linear correlation coefficient r. I try to teach a “table-free” class, Continue Reading

Day 16 – Two Mean Randomization Test

In our last class students compared two sets of test scores trying to determine if the tests had the same level of difficulty. Today, in Project 5, students used the randomization test for two means to reanalyze the test scores. Continue Reading

Week 4 Wrap Up

This was a three-day week due to the labor day holiday. We finished Chapter 3, covering Section 3.2 (measures of dispersion) on Tuesday, 3.4 (quartiles/outliers) on Wednesday, and 3.5 (5-number summary/boxplots) before class on Thursday. Tuesday and Wednesday began with Continue Reading