StatCrunch Contest for Students

Stats Instructors – Have you heard about the StatCrunch contest for students? This is a great chance for students to use the skills they are developing in your course, and maybe pick up a little spending money in the process. Continue Reading

Day 61 – Last Day of Class

Today my students worked in groups on four hypothesis tests: Goodness-of-Fit, Chi-Square Independence, ANOVA, and Kruskal-Wallis. I treat this as a formal review assignment, and along with the work on Day 57 and Day 59, counts towards the final exam score for Continue Reading

Day 60 – Last Review Day

Today we began by students working in groups to create study guides for Goodness-of-Fit, Chi-Square Independence, and ANOVA. They discussed how to identify when to use each test, how to write up the null and alternative hypotheses, how to compute Continue Reading

Day 59 – More Group Preparation

Today my students worked, in groups, on two sample tests and their alternatives. They worked on 6 problems: Two proportion & StatCrunch randomization test for two proportions Paired difference & Wilcoxon signed ranks (nonparametric alternative) Two mean & Mann-Whitney (nonparametric Continue Reading

Day 58 – Preparing for the Final, Phase 2

Today we began the cycle for reviewing two sample hypothesis tests for the final. I handed out the following sheet of problems that were taken from my practice final: Final Review Chapter 11 By the way, here is a link Continue Reading

Day 57 – Group Final Review 1

Today my students worked on eight problems from chapters 9 and 10. Appropriate sample size – proportion Appropriate sample size – mean Confidence interval – proportion Confidence interval – mean One proportion test One proportion test – binomial P-value One Continue Reading

Day 56 – Preparing for Final Exam

There are 6 days of class before the final exam, and I am planning on using all of them to prepare for the final exam. Today we went over problems from chapters 9 and 10: FinRev_09_10 There are 8 types Continue Reading

Day 55 – Mixed Hypothesis Tests

Today my students worked, in groups, on a mash up of goodness-of-fit, Chi square independence, ANOVA, and Kruskal-Wallis (the nonparametric alternative to ANOVA). This was the first time that there was no direct instruction on the nonparametric test, and my Continue Reading

Day 54 – ANOVA

Today we covered our last hypothesis test – ANOVA. Pre-Class Students completed an Interactive Reading Assignment (IRA) for Section 13.1 before class. In-Class Here is the fact sheet and in class examples I gave out: ANOVA We started with a Continue Reading