Flipping My Statistics Classroom

George Woodbury - College of the Sequoias

I first flipped my introductory statistics class during the Fall 2016 semester. I used Interactive Statistics (Pearson), an interactive eText project that I worked on with Mike Sullivan.

The Interactive Reading Assignments gave students a chance to read a little, watch a little, and do a little before class, introducing themselves to the material.

I used Learning Catalytics to assess students on what they learned and to facilitate a class session that was active and engaging, encouraging collaborative learning.

I used StatCrunch as a calculation tool for students, as well as to help students develop conceptual undrstanding through applets and simulations.

As you will see in the calendar, I began discussion of inferential concepts very early in the semester.

Before each section was covered in class, students had to complete the Interactive Reading Assignment. Most classes began with a Learning Catalytics assignment that I created to facilitate discussion, reinforce concepts and ideas, and probe for areas of misconception. Often this was followed up by a group problem solving assignment, designed to engage students and get them to reinforce their understanding.

My class met 4 days/week for 50 minutes each day. I have listed the section(s) covered from Interactive Statistics, and have included links to any projects or in-class activities that I used.



Calendar for Fall 2016: Listing of which sections/topics were covered each day, along with links to any projects/activities/assignments I used that day.

Projects, Activities, Assignments

Links and Descriptions for all Classroom Projects/Activities/Assignments: A complete listing of materials I used in class.

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