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I have created YouTube videos for Elementary Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Introductory Statistics, and MyMathLab. You can either visit My YouTube Channel or scroll down to see specific videos.

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If you'd like to request a video, let me know by filling out a request form on this page.

Elementary Algebra

Linear Equations – Complete Strategy

Linear Equations

Word Problems (Linear Equations)

Introduction to Algebra

Solving a Linear Equation with Fractions

Exponents, Order of Operations

Operations with Integers

Whole Numbers, Integers, Opposites, Inequalities, Absolute Values

Final Review (1 of 6)

Final Review (2 of 6)

Final Review (3 of 6)

Final Review (4 of 6)

Final Review (5 of 6)

Final Review (6 of 6)

Rational Expressions and Equations

Exponent Rules and Polynomials

Mixture Problems

Rate Time Distance

Finding Equations of Lines, Given a Parallel or Perpendicular Line, Using y=mx+b

Finding Equations of Lines (Using y = mx + b)

Graphing Lines by Plotting Points (with MyMathLab Instructions)

Linear Inequalities in Two Variables

Intercepts (Section 3.2)

Slope (Section 3.3)

Functions (Section 3.4)

Parallel & Perpendicular Lines (Section 3.5)

Equations of Lines Part 1 (Section 3.6)

Equations of Lines - Parallel/Perpendicular (Section 3.6)

Linear Inequalities (Section 3.7)

Profit - Loss, Systems of Equations

Profit - Loss, Percent Increase/Decrease

Intermediate Algebra

Test Review – Chapter 8 (Absolute Value Equations, Inequalities & Graphs)

Introductory Statistics

Setting Up Binomial Probability Problems

Setting Up Poisson Probability Problems

Intro Probability Problems


Creating Personalized Homework in MyMathLab

MyMathLab Exponents


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